Fest in the times of war

05.09.2014 | By Leonid Uzvar

Ukraines population has divided into two camps. Some people believe that all festivities should be canceled they say, it is not good to have fun when there is an ongoing war in the east of the country. Others believe that even in the time of war it is hard to come home after work, watch the latest reports on TV, driving ourselves into depression, that is why we should have at least some fun. KW will tell you about the highlights of this month. It is up to you do decide whether to attend them or not


Respublica in KamyanetsPodilskiy is a festival of all types of contemporary street art: music, photography, dancing. 3 days, 3 stages, 50 best rock bands from all over the country, 10 poets, 15 teams of writers and artists from Ukraine, Belarus, Poland and Spain. The objective of the festival is to draw attention to cultural and social problems of small towns.

The musical part of Respublica will last for 3 days (September 5 7) on the territory of the Old Fortress. The concert will feature both wellknown and new bands. Each festival day will be opened by one of the three newcomer bands, which won the preliminary competition.

Annually within the framework of the festival international street art stars paint buildings in KamyanetsPodilskiy. The art part takes place on the territory of the old and new cities. The main task for the artists is to turn abandoned buildings into masterpieces and make them part of the cultural heritage of the city. This year artists plan to create a big picture on a 5storey building commemorating the events in the Maidan.

Tickets cost UAH 150.


On September 12 14 Kyivs Oktoberfest will gather beer lovers for the traditional international festival to drink plenty of freshly brewed beer by liters.

For three days visitors of the festival will have the chance to taste exclusive beers from Munich and traditional German dishes: sausages, stewed cabbage, fries and pork ribs. In addition there will be numerous amusements and contests, as well as performances by popular musicians. Annually the beer festival in Kyiv is attended by more than 10,000 people.

Tickets will cost approximately UAH 100. The venue will be announced later on the official website of the festival (


The 7th International Deruny (potato pancakes) Festival in Korosten will take place on September 13 in the central park of the city. Traditionally it starts at noon with a festive procession on the main street of the city, which ends in the central park with a grand opening of the festival, flying of its flag and singing of its anthem. This years festival will be held under the slogan Potato pancakes unite the country.

On this day chefs from different regions of Ukraine will show their skills in cooking potato pancakes or other potato dishes, and tasters and festival goers will choose the best of them. Everyone is welcome to vote for the most delicious potato pancake. The organizers are also planning to bake a huge derun shaped like Ukraine. Each oblast will have its own flavor.

The Deruny Festival will include contests and entertainment, exhibitions and musical performances. Visitors will be able to officially join the Club of Deruny Lovers and take part in eating competition, learn to cook at the masterclass given personally by the mayor of the city.

By the way, at the First International Deruny Festival residents of Korosten baked the largest potato pancake in Ukraine, weighing 118 kg, which was entered in Ukraines Book of Records. At the second festival they unveiled the monument to potato pancakes.


On September 19 21 Lviv will host the 8th city holiday Na Kavu do Lvova (Coffee in Lviv), during which the city will once again choose the best coffee house.

Flavored coffee has become an integral symbol of the most romantic city in Ukraine long ago tourists come to Lviv to enjoy genuine coffee and residents of the city have a reputation for being real coffee addicts. The festival has long become a real symbol of the fall in Lviv. During these days in September cozy coffee houses all over the city offer a particularly wide selection of the most unique coffee treats and every fall with the help of all coffee drinkers attending the fragrant holiday Lviv chooses its best coffee place.

For this festival the best coffee houses bring tons of coffee from around the world. All this will be presented at the record Coffee Fair in Rynok Square in the heart of the city. Especially for the holiday coffee experts will create an exclusive coffee blend, which will be available only during the festival.


This year the traditional International Hutsul festival will take place on the last weekend of September in Nadvirna (IvanoFrankivsk oblast), in the northern area of historic Hutsul region.

Who are the Hutsuls? They joke about themselves saying that Hutsuls are the same Ukrainians only a bit wild.

The festival will bring together Ukrainian highlanders in bright national Hutsul costumes. They will be singing, dancing and tasting traditional dishes. At the local fair folk artists from all over the Hutsul region will present a surprising number of cheeses, embroidered and wooden goods and knickknacks made of beads.

The main objective of the International Hutsul Festival is to develop and promote traditional folk arts, customs, rituals and authentic folklore of Hutsul people.

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