Adrenaline surge

13.06.2014 | By Leonid Uzvar

How much do we need to feel confident? It is enough trying doing something that others have not done before. Extreme sports is a philosophy of freedom, a challenge to the outside world, the school of overcoming internal fears and complexes. KW tells about this seasons most popular and trendy kinds of entertainment


Flyboard. Last summer Kyivans were given an opportunity to try a new trendy kind of extreme sports flyboard, invented by a French extreme sports lover, which is a combination of skateboarding, water skiing and jet belt.

Flyboard is all about flying above water with the help of water. It is perfect for the fans of diving, swimming and flying at the same time. This is an opportunity to feel like an Amphibian Man or a Superman.

How does flyboard work? A flyboard is a type of water jetpack attached to a personal water craft (PWC) which supplies propulsion to drive the flyboard through air and water. A flyboard rider stands on a board connected by a long hose to a watercraft. Water is forced under pressure to a pair of boots with jet nozzles underneath which provide thrust for the rider to fly up to 15 m in the air or to dive headlong through the water.

All equipment consists of flyboard itself, safety vest, wetsuit and helmet. 15 minutes of instructions and flying will cost you approximately UAH 350. You may fly in Kyiv at the wake base Adrenaline, located on the Trukhaniv island under the Moscow bridge. Do not forget to pre-book by phone or using an on-line application form.

Trolley. The cableway across the Dnieper, which gives you an opportunity to fly over the river and admire the colorful views of the capital, was opened with the advent of warm weather. The cableway beginning at the Arch of Friendship of Peoples and ending in the Trukhaniv Island was called the longest in the country, and even registered in the Ukrainian Book of Records. It is 532.61 m long.

In the observation site near the Arch of Friendship of Peoples the ropes are fastened on aluminum support and on the opposite side they are attached to the 12-meter tower located on the beach. Two instructors will meet you at the beginning and at the end of the route. At the observation site you will be equipped and trained by instructors, and on the island they will meet you, help you climb down and remove the garment. The trolley only works in one direction, so you will have to go back crossing the Pedestrian bridge.

The main thing about the cableway is not even the speed (you may accelerate to 60 km/h), but the opportunity to admire a view of the left bank and the Podil from the height. The whole pleasure costs UAH 150. Maximum weight 150 kg, minimum approximately 30 kg (people weighing less may not reach the opposite bank). Children under 8 are allowed to go down only with adults, provided that the total weight of the passengers does not exceed 100 kg.

Parachute. There are three skydiving bases around Kyiv: Chaika, Progress and Borodyanka (you may easily find their addresses and contact details on the Internet). All newcomers are jumping for the first time with round parachutes from the height of 800 900 m or in tandems with instructors from the height of 3.000 m. After special training courses (AFF) you can jump to the sports wing.

It is obvious that people suffering from with cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases, high or low blood pressure, nervous disorders, mental illnesses and other health problems are prohibited to jump with parachutes. Here are some prices for you.

Drop zone Chaika UAH 500 (round parachute), tandem jump from UAH 1.950, the first jump training course AFF + 2 jumps UAH 4.000.

Borodyanka UAH 450 (round parachute), tandem jump UAH 1.800, the first jump training course AFF UAH 2.000 for a jump.

Chernihiv parachute club Progress UAH 400 (round parachute), tandem jump UAH 1.800.


Jumping from bridges. Rope-jumping is considered to be the safest among all types of jumping, especially compared to base-jumping (jumping from high-rise buildings with a parachute) or bungee-jumping. Drive, adrenaline rush, feeling of euphoria and absolute safety of flight that is what you would feel jumping from the Pedestrian bridge leading, crossing the Dnieper to the Trukhaniv island (not far from the Poshtova Ploshcha subway station). Skilled jumpers will give you detailed instructions. Their equipment meets the highest quality standards. Ropes are always duplicated, each of them is able to bear the weight of 2 3 tons, and carbines, made of stainless steel, have the tensile strength of 3 5 tons. That means, if you do not weigh several tons, there is nothing to fear. It should be noted that there are several teams working on the bridge. Rumor has it that it is best to contact the guys in yellow or green T-shirts. Price UAH 100 per jump.

Like Mowgli. It is not necessary to leave the city or buy expensive equipment to spend your free time actively, just go to one of the rope parks located in different areas of the capital. A rope park is an area of obstacles located above ground and combined into routes that have different difficulty and themes. There are six such parks around Kyiv: on the territory of the Park of Friendship of Peoples, in the Blockbuster shopping mall, in the ATEK sports complex, in the Park of Partisan Glory and another two are located in Hydropark. All visitors are instructed and special guards watch visitors safety. You can test your endurance and balance on ropes which, depending on difficulty, are located at a height of 1.5 12 m. Prices UAH 40 120.

VeloPub. This type of activity cannot be called extreme. Rather, it is a nice place to celebrate your first parachute jump, for example. VeloPub is a bar on wheels. Each ride starts from the observation deck in the Mariinsky Park.

Passengers, sitting opposite each other at the bar counter, do the cycling and a wheelman (who does not drink) is in charge of steering controls. VeloPub has only 20 seats, but only 10 of them are equipped with foot pedals. In the rear of the establishment there is a number of seats for musicians or those who are too lazy to cycle. In the middle, between the bar counters, there is little room for dancing. Standard speed for the bar on wheels is 5 7 km per hour, and it is even possible to accelerate to 8 9 km per hour.

As passengers cannot buy beverages on board, it is better to take care of the drinks in advance (it is not prohibited to bring your own alcohol). VeloPubs rental for the evening (including the skipper) is UAH 500.

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