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French Film Night

16.01.2015 |

19 Shota Rustaveli St.
January 24, 10:30 pm

The French Film Night at the Kinopanorama Movie Theater features four films. Happiness Never Comes Alone is a 2012 French romantic comedy film directed by James Huth and starring Gad Elmaleh, Sophie Marceau, and Maurice Barthelemy about an unlikely relationship between a carefree young jazz musician and an older woman with three children. It is followed by another romantic comedy De vrais mensonges (Beautiful Lies) starring Audrey Tautou and directed by Pierre Salvadori. La chance de ma vie directed by Nicolas Cuche is a film about a young man, who brings bad luck to every woman he dates, with disastrous results. But just when he accepts hell never find true love, he meets the beautiful, sexy woman. The night will end with Two Days in Paris starring Adam Goldberg and Julie Delpy.

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