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A Body of Work by Alvin Booth

16.01.2015 |

Brucie Collections
55 b Artema St.
The gallery is open every day
MondayFriday 11:00-19:00,
Saturday 11:00-18:00,
Sunday 12:00-17:00

A Body of Work is an exhibition by Alvin Booth, a British artist whose art pushes the boundaries of modern nude photography. Alvin Booths highly valued work is that of a true artist and inventor who prefers to create the stage and what is on it rather than to photograph what already exists, transforming the human form by reducing it to its bare lines in the Osmosis series, multiplying it using nondigital methods to a dizzying and often abstract degree in Anamorphosis, or using handmade latex corsets and paint to transform skin and bodies into statuelike perfections of the human form in his first work Corpus. Alvin Booth was born and raised in the industrial port of Hull in the Northeast of England in 1959. He later moved to Oxford where his interest in photography grew. In 1989 he settled in New York to concentrate on his art. Today he divides his time living and working in both New York and the Southwest of France.

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