Optimization of Olympic expenses

16.01.2015 |

The major sports structure in the world International Olympic Committee is working on the issues of sensible financing. In December 2014 at the extraordinary session in Monte Carlo the IOC approved 40 recommendations of IOC President Thomas Bach aimed at different changes and improvement of the policy and operation of the organization. Among these recommendations, there is a list of financial proposals called to regulate and sensibly limit the financial turnover around the Olympic movement. In particular, one of the changes will be applied to the Olympic bidding process in terms of minimization of costs for their preparation (number and scale of presentations) and substantiated connection of the bid of a potential host to the general economic situation in the country. The examples of how the Olympic Games inflicted longterm damage to the host country are known and remembered by all: from Montreal 1976 to Athens 2004.

The issue of bids is particularly relevant because on July 30 August 2015 an IOC session will be held in Kuala Lumpur, where the host of Winter Olympic Games 2022 will be chosen. There are two contenders: Beijing (China) and Almaty (Kazakhstan). As a reminder, Lviv was also among the bidders, but then due to a number of circumstances Lvivs bid was postponed to 2026. Meanwhile, Lviv was in a rather large companies of cities that refused to compete for hosting Winter Olympic Games 2022 along with Oslo, Krakow, Stockholm, Denver, Quebec and other. This is quite logical as people are counting money and try to match their ambitions to the real possibilities.

IOC also approved a proposal to limit the sports included in the Olympic program and strictly limit the number of participants of the games athletes, coaches, judges, functionaries and in some cases allow holding events not on the territory of the host country. If there is a good sports facility in the neighboring country, why make the organizer spent large money on expensive, onetime construction?

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