In the shadow of Olympic rings

16.01.2015 |

On April 1924 Sochi will host a conference SportAccord, an organization uniting the Olympic and nonOlympic sports, with more than 90 federations.

SportAccord, which is an international convent, was created in 1967 in order to unite the worlds sports family on the largest scale supporting major tournaments with a program that includes both Olympic and nonOlympic sports.

Since the program of the Olympic Games is limited, and there are many other popular sports that want recognition and money, SportAccord has been supporting nonOlympic federations and competitions, for example the World Fighting Games, where, along with the Olympic kinds of combat sports (boxing, wrestling, judo, taekwondo) athletes compete in karate, wushu, sumo, belt wrestling and others.

SportAccord congresses (held annually starting from 2003) gather 2,500 sports managers and businessmen providing them an opportunity to meet in one place and exchange the ideas aimed at development of world sports. The policy of the organization in the near future will be aimed at the highest possible cost saving and limitation of unnecessary expenses, Vice President of SportAccord, President of the World Karate Federation, Antonio Espinos told our correspondent during the World Karate Cup in Bremen (Germany).

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