What will FIFA choose?

16.01.2015 |

The Judgment Day for FIFA, the largest sports organization in the world, will come in May 2015 elections of the president, where 78year old Sepp Blatter will compete against French lawyer Jerome Champagne will take place at the FIFA Congress in Zurich. There is no doubt that in the context of the election race there will be a lot of criticisms and accusations against the current FIFA leadership of financial abuse with scandalous examples. The main one of them is the simultaneous elections of hosts of two world championships: Russia 2018 and Qatar 2022. First, earlier this has not been practiced and second facts of bribes received by high ranking FIFA officials were uncovered, which led to a scandal and investigation conducted by a special commission led by FIFA Ethics Committee member, American lawyer Michael Garcia.

FIFA leadership, however, refused to publish the full report of the commission on the results of the investigation, limiting itself to a statement that there were no violations committed in the process of election of the host countries of the future championships. The case was transferred to the FIFA Auditing Committee. Also it was proposed to involve Swiss Prosecutors Office (FIFA Headquarters are located in Zurich) in the investigation.

Regardless of the results of the elections in Zurich (chances of Blatter for being reelected are viewed as very high), there will be a new stage of UEFA Financial Fair Play program in the European football. Under the program the club owners will be allows to spend not more than EUR 30 mn over the money earned by the club. Otherwise sanctions will be applied to the club. This is about making clubs not spend more than they earn, because unlimited money injections of right club owners put teams in unequal conditions and kill sports competition.

By the way a similar process began in Formula One. A huge gap in the financial possibilities of the team led to a demarche of the small teams, which demanded from Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone to either toughen the limits or reconsider distribution of funds, which the race earns in favor of the teams with smaller budgets. This issue will be decided on the eve of the new season of Formula One in FebruaryMarch 2015.

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