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23.09.2013 | Mykhailo Orlov

On September 20 Apple will launch the sale of the two new phone models most anticipated by fans, initially in the U.S. and then, gradually, across the globe. The date of these models will be available for sale in in Ukraine remains unknown. The phones have already been presented to the public

Now, there will be two types of iPhones a full-fledged 5s and economy class 5c. The first one is not a totally new model, rather a profound modernization of its predecessor iPhone5 released last September. For the first time ever, a smartphone will be equipped with a 64-bit system, which increases its efficiency by at least 30%. Also, a function called a fingerprint scan of the owner has been introduced, which makes it impossible, or at least hard, to use the phone in case it is stolen. For protection of the sensor, the button Home is made of sapphire. The new operating system iOS7 allows for using the phone as a Hot Spot sharing through WIFI, Bluetooth or USB Internet, as well as files with other devices. The main camera preserved the resolution of 8 megapixels, but the aperture has been increased to 2.2, which improves the quality of photographs. The majority of industry experts claim the race for megapixels is senseless as 8 megapixels is more than enough for demonstration even on a computer screen. High resolution is required only for printing on large formats A2 and up. Nobody uses smartphones to do this anyway.

The device has a solid aluminum body with a glass front panel and is offered in three colors black, white and, a new one, gold. As its predecessor, iPhone 5s will be manufactured in three variants with a memory of 16, 32 and 64 gigabytes. Listing of all functions and diversified applications of this smart toy would take up an entire book.

As for the iPhone 5c, it is the first low-cost device in the companys history. Of course, it is only conditionally inexpensive, as Apple intends to retain the exclusive image of its products and has no plans of competing with cheap Chinese products. The exact prices are yet unknown, but in Europe and Ukraine a 16Gb iPhone 5c without a contract will cost at least EUR 600 and a full-fledged 64Gb Iphone 5s around EUR 900. In the U.S., prices with a two-year contract start at US $100.

Basically, by its parameters the iPhone 5c is identical to the iPhone 5, which is being withdrawn from production. Specifically, the 5c operates on a 32-bit A6 processor. It will not have a fingerprint scanner or sapphire button. There is a good chance that the 64 Gb model will hardly be launched, only the 16Gb and 32Gb. Finally, the main difference from the full-fledged model is that the body will be made of plastic. Apple, however, assures that it has a special oleophobic coating, resistant to fingerprints.

Following the presentation of the new devices, Apples shares dropped 2%,probably because market players did not see enough novelties in them, but the main thing is the company failed to conceal the development of the new generation of IPhones. All the novelties were predicted since this past spring and, therefore, the surprise effect was lost. The next several months will show how sales go.

Meanwhile, European experts are seriously concerned about a total overload of mobile Internet with the spread of the new iPhone 5s. An employee of the German Union of Internet Providers Eco Georg Rainer Hoffman said in an interview for Die Welt that the source of the main load at the moment is not viral videos or upgrading of Microsoft programs, rather iOS operating systems. The existing capacity of mobile internet network will be insufficient for the widespread of the new version with the Hot Spot feature. The entire network must be reconstructed, the expert is convinced. One can be rest assured that the network will be modernized and Apple will once again be the driving force of progress. There is one more important factor: over six and a half years on the market the iPhone has become not just a technical notion, but a cultural one.

October 5 marks two years since the father of Apple Steve Jobs passed away. As Financial Times wrote back then There is a technological race and only time will tell what happens to Apple. Jobs was an individualist and his legacy lies in the exaltation of individuality.

Indeed, iPhones have many competitors, critics and sworn enemies. There is no need to get involed in the holy wars of Internet trolls over the comparative advantages and disadvantages of the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, etc. Apple was the first, then the rest joined the fray. The late Jobs along with Bill Gates and maybe Mark Zuckerberg changed the lives of people living at the end of the 20th early 21st century more than any politician did. Jobs loved freedom and it is most important to remember that at the time when the literal drug-like addiction of smartphones, the Internet and social networks are becoming a serious problem in modern-day society. The iPhone is for a human being, not a human being for the iPhone. The main thing is that every owner of a smartphone must learn is the ability to turn off the device.

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