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City slickers dream retreat

01.04.2010 | Text: Daria Kutetska

If you dream of kicking back and relaxing on a grassy knoll on the bank of a river or on a lakeside, you should seriously consider looking for a summer cottage now

Moving from the big city to the suburbs for the summer is becoming popular and in vogue for middle class Ukrainians. If you want to spend the summer outside the city, you should first decide what you are looking for: a small house on the territory of a recreation base, a house in a village, a cottage in a summer cottage town, a private house in a satellite town or a villa with a swimming pool and Jacuzzi. Once you make up your mind, immediately start looking because prices will rise by at minimum of 5%-7% in a couple of weeks

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in a holiday village

Renting a Finnish cottage for US $300-350 a month on a recreational territory is the most inexpensive option. Most of these homes were built during the Soviet era. The drawback is the lack of facilities. For example, they may have one public toilet for the entire village. That said, as a rule these bases are located in a picturesque forests or along a river bank. The monthly rent of such a cottage in a recreational zone depends on its distance from Kyiv, seeing as most people that rent them do not have their own means of transportation and must commute to by train and route bus.

Pros: picturesque location

Cons: amenities, absence of an infrastructure, too many neighbors

A rustic roost

An affordable country home is the dream of most residents of the concrete jungle. Rural infrastructure and the proximity of a forest, pond or fruit-bearing trees near the home also have an impact on the level of rent and the basic parameters, namely location and remoteness from the big city.

Today it is possible to rent a home for US $400 a month. Anything cheaper means an outhouse in the backyard.

Pros: cheap, huge selection

Cons: lack of the infrastructure urban dwellers are accustomed to

Cottage in a satellite town

Such satellite towns as Vyshgorod, Irpen and Boryspil are the best option in terms of the price/quality ratio for people with moderate means that want to rent a summer cottage. While in the village heating and utilities are an extra option, in these towns such amenities are mandatory. The rental of a private home in Vyshgorod or Boryspil starts at US $800 a month. The prices of small cottages in Brovary are more affordable at US $400-500. Though villas situated on the banks of the Kyiv Sea are quite popular, the average price this year will be US $600 and up as they were recently renovated.

Pros: great choice and infrastructure

Cons: life within the city limits, though on a smaller scale. Exorbitant prices

Country villas

The level of requirements in cottage towns is qualitatively different. What is most important here is that the cottage is newly renovated, the yard has a picturesque landscape design with a barbecue area and that there is an infrastructure on the territory of the village (i.e. sports clubs, entertainment centers, restaurants, tennis courts, playgrounds, etc.). The rent is approximately the same as for private homes in satellite towns starting from US$ 800 a month. The rent is modest because the owners of these homes need the money to pay off their mortgages.

Pros: well-developed infrastructure, reasonable quality/price ratio, security

Cons: minimal choice


In the deluxe segment the best offers are in the suburban towns of Irpin, Vorzel and Bucha. The square area of houses and private yards is larger than in cottage settlements 400-600 square meters and 20-40 hundred square meters of land. Typically, there is a sauna, swimming pool, guest house and a tennis court on the territory. Rent is about US $5,000-10,000 a month.

The most expensive villas are located in Koncha Zaspa, Pushcha Vodytsia, Kozyn and on the Vodnyk Island. There the homes for rent are more than 600 square meters in area on half a hectare of land or more. They have their own beaches and marinas with motor boats, sail boats and yachts. These homes are fully furnished with a sauna, swimming pool, a billiard room and other amenities mandatory for this class. Rent starts from US $10,000 a month.

Pros: all the conditions for dolce vita

Cons: price

National peculiarities of summer housing

The sharp decline in rent for apartments in Kyiv has not affected suburbia. According to Director of the Trayektoria Group Iryna Holovnyova, last year the average rent in the 30 km radius of Kyiv was around US $400 a month. Today, it is US $500.

Another paradox is that there is a greater demand for summer homes in the business segment (US $1,000-3,000) than there is in the economy class (US $400-700 per month). The greatest demand is for homes with an area of 200-300 square meters at US $ 1,500-3000 a month.

Just as last year, the most popular directions heading out of Kyiv are the Zhytomyr, Obukhov, Boryspil Warsaw highways. For example, in the Vyshgorod district located 32 km outside of the Kyiv city limits, you can rent a furnished home with an area of 80-120 square meters, 4-6 bedrooms, a kitchen, veranda and a yard 6.12 hectares in area with an adjacent forest and lake for US $800 per month. For the same amount one can find a house next to a forest that is 80-120 square meters in area with 4-5 bedrooms and a yard 6.12 hectares in area along the Odesa Highway a mere 30 km outside of Kyiv.

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