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09.09.2013 | Angelina Vesennyaya

Why "cleaning" of toxins is useless, should we eat after 6 pm and do we need wearing hats in winter?

Our reporter found the most popular misconceptions about healthy lifestyles and behavior which experts call erroneous at best and "unscientific nonsense" at worse

Egg dishes increase the content of bad cholesterol in our blood

The popular belief that eggs, especially yolks, are harmful to ones health because of the high cholesterol content, terrifies modern nutritionists. On the contrary, eggs are very wholesome because they contain a complex of vitamins and other substances necessary for the human body.

In addition, scientists have proven long ago that cholesterol derived from eggs has no effect on blood cholesterol. Most of it is formed in the body, namely in the liver. Cholesterol is a building material for cell membranes, vitamin D, which is also synthesized in the body under the influence of sunlight and various hormones. When levels of cholesterol are increased the body reduces its production in the liver and gets rid of the excess through the intestine. The effectiveness of such a mechanism depends on genes and metabolism, not on a persons nutrition.

Our bodies need regular "cleansing" from toxins

Doctors call such a statement unscientific and all kinds of ways to draw the notorious toxins from the body are called unscientific and dangerous for ones health. In fact there is no "slag" in our intestines or other organs. A properly functioning, healthy body does not accumulate harmful substances and gets rid of them naturally. And a sick body may suffer from enemas, lemon juice with oil, diuretic potions and other "magic" ways of "detoxification" up to the urgent need of hospitalization.

Do not eat after 6 pm to avoid gaining weight

Overeating before going to bed is very unhealthy for the body: first of all, it is difficult to sleep on a full stomach because the body suspends digestion processes while you are sleeping and, secondly, high levels of insulin (which increase after food intake) has a negative impact on growth hormones needed to strengthen muscle tissues. Since the maximum level of growth hormones is achieved during the first hours of sleep, eating before going to bed will significantly reduce the production of hormone for the muscles. This results in the deposition of fat, because consumed calories need to go somewhere.

However, the myth about the dangers of "eating after 6" has little to do with this fact, unless you go to bed at 8 pm. An evening meal is no different from others and those who go to bed after midnight can have dinner even at 10 pm. The main thing is not to exceed the daily rate of calory intake and not to overload your body with too fatty or harmful products.

If you go outside with wet hair you will definitely catch a cold

In fact, as evidenced by numerous studies, wet hair does not bring you closer to the common cold unless, of course, you run out into the street immediately after a shower in -30C temperatures. Chilly weather and wet hair are not the best combination, but experiments have shown that in such cases, people do not get sick any more often. Whether you catch a cold or not depends entirely on your immune system.

Someone should scare you to help you get rid of hiccups

In fact, most domestic and folk remedies are not effective against hiccups, including the unexpected" startle. The most effective way is to swallow a teaspoon of sugar or eat a slice of lemon. You may also try a remedy generally used by ballet dancers for hiccups caused by heavy loads: put a glass of water into the sink and take sips while holding your hands behind your back.

Be sure to wear hats in winter

One of the main reasons for the compulsory wearing of hats in cold weather is the alleged loss of 80 to 98 percent of body heat through the head. In fact, the amount of heat emitted by any part of the body depends on the surface area. So, on a cold day you risk losing much more heat through bare hands hand or feet in thin pantyhose rather than through a bare head. However, if you are concerned about your hair, ears, nose and throat, you should not walk outside without hats in the cold weather below -2C.

Running is a guarantee of health

Movement is healthy and the lack of exercise is bad for you. That is an axiom with which one cannot argue. However, the popular statement that jogging is good for everyone without exception, unfortunately, is not an axiom. Jogging is counter-indicated to people with diseases of the joints, the number of which is increasing among young people. But those who have weak hearts should start exercising slowly and after careful consideration and upon consultation with a physician. Otherwise, health-improving jogging may end with a heart attack.

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