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The fashion for permanent tattoos is, unfortunately, not permanent. Tattoo artists recommend focusing on temporary body art this summer

Summer is the best time to strip down and show off ones beauty accentuated by tattoos or body art. Accurately applied, original tattoos have always been an eye-catcher. Moreover, you are best off getting a temporary tattoo so you can surprise passersby with a new image. Tattoo artist Oleksandr Hrachev told the best tattoos to get in order to look sharp and stand out from the average tattoo lover

Henna tattoo: Indias heritage
In general, the tradition of decorating the body with henna tattoos originated in India. To this day there is a tradition in the country of painting the palms and soles of a bride on her wedding day. These drawings are also called temporary tattoos and are practically harmless to the human skin. Henna tattoos are applied using special pencils and a dye called henna gruel. Such a tattoo will last for 10-14 days.

Oleksandr Vasyliyev
Fashion designer and stylist

A tattoo is always cool, trendy and beautiful. It doesnt matter what part of the body you have it applied to. For example, a tattoo on the shoulder always looks sexy, both on guys and girls.
In Ukraine the attitude towards tattoos is slightly more biased than in Europe. I know some incidents where tattoos prevented models from achieving success in the profession. One of them had a beautiful tattoo of a lizard on her ankle that prevented her from winning a beauty pageant, though she did win over the hearts of the audience.

Artists use two types of henna: regular (it gives a brownish tinge) and black. The second is considered more stable and is not suitable for people with sensitive skin. It can even leave a burn mark on the skin. So, consult with the master before getting a tattoo, says Hrachev.
A hennabased tattoo is much brighter and lasts longer if applied to the palms and soles, where the skin is more keratinized.
Artists tips. Although classical Indian designs are considered traditional, you can always choose a tattoo to your own personal taste.
Advantages. Orange henna is based on herbs and is totally harmless. The tattoos do not stay on the body for long within 14 days they fade and then get completely wiped off the body.
Disadvantages. Tattoos have a limited gamut of colors from dark orange to black.
Price. UAH 50-150
Desire to look hot with a beauty spot
A few years ago artificial came back into fashion. While in the 17-18th centuries they were simply glued to the skin, nowadays they can be applied using ink. If you have always dreamed of having a beauty spot that will accentuate the mysterious side of your character, the procedure is straightforward and cheap.
The price of a facial beauty spot varies from UAH 20 to UAH 80

Appeal to the heel
Girls love to show off their heels on a beach in the summertime. If they have a temporary tattoo on their heel, they will become the star of the entire beach. A permanent tattoo cannot be applied to this part of the body. However, a henna tattoo on the heel will last quite some time and have an original look, says Hrachev.
The only inconvenience of having a tattoo applied to the heel is that the process is somewhat ticklish. A tattoo artist would not want to get kicked in the teeth while creating the masterpiece, adds Hrachev.
A person can choose any intricate motif at their own discretion. Here, you can get a little wacky by having your own drawing applied according to the mood youre in. Within a week a temporary tattoo will start to fade.
Artists tips. Heels can be decorated with simple and funny tattoos depicting smiles and flowers. But you can send an artist reeling by requesting have a hemisphere of the Earth or ever a mini landscape on your heels.
Advantages. Originality and a simple application process
Disadvantages. It easily wiped off by water. The image is difficult to see on dirty heels, but in any case it attracts ones attention. This is in order to not feel embarrassed and important to keep your heels clean at all times. The application process is ticklish, but everybody knows that beauty knows no pain.
Price. Tattoo on one heel will cost UAH 50 on average.

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