V-Day not to be cancelled

16.01.2015 |

The year 2015 will mark the 70th anniversary of the end of the European phase of the largest military conflict in the history of mankind the World War II. In a situation Ukraine was 18 months ago, the countrys leadership would have already begun praising the immortal and heroic deed of the people, promise social benefits to the war veterans, etc.

The present situation demands a very delicate approach to the celebration of the 70th anniversary of victory. The experience of 2014 has shown that the process of parting with the symbols of the Soviet era is not totally painless for the society.

Victory Day in this respect is a special case. Back in 2013 the sociological surveys showed that it is a big holiday for 82% of Ukrainian. The fears are strong that on the background of destruction of Lenin monuments the authorities will make an attempt to cancel the celebration of the Victory Day. This will naturally not happen, because, in the very least, the government is not interested in giving a reason for escalation of the social tension.

In fact, the experience of 2014 shows that denial of pathos, message about the national reconciliation, search for a new rhetoric and symbolism, the desire to Europeanize the approach to this date, shifting the emphasis from May 9 to May 8 (when most European countries celebrate the Victory Day) are becoming typical for the state events connected with the celebration of the Victory Day. As for the new symbols, they were also quite successfully tested in 2014 and will be used this year this is specifically about the slogan Never Again and the red poppy seed as a symbol of tragic events of the World War II.

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