Venice instead of Vienna

16.01.2015 |

Ukraines participation in the European cultural forums has always been touted as a matter of the state importance. It was about the national pride Ukraine must look very presentable at such forums. Unfortunately the situation in the country does not allow to fully realize these ambitions.

That is why, for example, Ukraine will not be represented at the Eurovision Song Contest 2015, which will take place in Austria. We understand that Eurovision is an image project and an issue of prestige. However, today we do not have the right to do something bad, while we simply dont have the money to create something good, explains General Director of the National Television Company of Ukraine Zurab Alasaniya.

The country, however, will be represented in 2015 at another important European cultural event a major contemporary art exhibition Venice Biennale. Ukraines participation was also under the threat as the events in the country made some changes to the work of institutions that would potentially carry out the functions of a commissioner, i.e. select Ukrainian projects for the participation in the biennale. The talk is about Donetsk Fund of Cultural Initiatives Isolation and the National Art Museum of Ukraine. The former recalled its proposal on participation in the project for all the known reasons, while the latter could not get involved in it due to the huge burden connected with the security challenges that the museum sphere faces.

In this situation the Ministry of Culture decided to take on the functions of control over Ukraines participation in the Venice Biennale. In addition to that in October 2014 the Cabinet passed a special resolution that will help ensure timely payment of rent of the pavilion on Venice, where the Ukrainian art project will be exhibited.

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