Joining Creative Europe

16.01.2015 |

The search of financing required for implementation of a creative project is a real headache for the culture and arts figures. This is because there is a catastrophic shortage of open sources of such financing in Ukraine, i.e. funds or organizations, where an author could submit the project and receive a grant on tender basis.

Foreign institutions (funds, embassies) began folding the programs of support of Ukrainian cultural initiatives fivesix years ago. The funds of the state or local government bodies are not always distributed transparently, whereas access to them is limited for the representatives of many spheres, for instance actual art. Private investors do not see particular sense in creating the sources in question PR feedback is not big and in the times of the economic crisis nobody has excess funds.

In the view of this the importance of Ukraines joining Creative Europe platform is tremendous. This is a program of the European Union with a EUR 1.5 bn budget that will be implemented until 2020. Creative Europe is a unique source of financing for the publishers, cinematographers, video games developers and representatives of other creative industries and not only because it helps implement projects of creation of feature, documentary, animation films, holding film festivals, translate and publish literature works, etc. Most importantly, the program helps the initiatives of development of the audience for creative industries and also expands the area of distribution of the cultural products through cooperation between the creators of such products from different European countries.

Interestingly Ukraine has been given the change to join Creative Europe earlier than Georgia and Moldova and also for a symbolic fee of one euro.

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