Slava Frolovas ART PICNIC:

13.06.2014 | By Alla Korostovska

Just a few years ago it was hard to imagine something like this in Ukrainian realities. Not because the project is complex to implement, but simply because there was no one to dare to try. Fortunately for Kyivans, last year a team of inveterate optimists were not afraid to roll up their sleeves and build a brighter cultural future for the country. Naturally, well-known TV presented Slava Frolova played the central inspirational role in this undertaking

Slava Frolovas Art Picnic is a very unusual place. First of all, because it offers almost every kind of activity to anyones liking: from master classes in Hawaiian folk dance to discussions of serious documentary films. Secondly, because it is free. Not all metropolitan events may boast of such approach. The main mission of this project is to teach people healthy lifestyle. Most people, unfortunately, even willing to touch the beautiful, would rather buy something to make soup rather than a theater ticket for UAH 20. At the Art Picnic you can visit theater treating yourself to soup at the same time. Organizers believe it would be their personal success if someone visits the art park instead of pointless wandering around shopping centers.

At the same time, the project established itself as a nice platform for the young and talented whose name is legion in Kyiv. Young talents have the opportunity to express their musical, artistic, literary and other skills. This year Art Picnic finds a special place for the oldest generation. For grandparents there will be special meetings, dancing, sports classes, etc.

The main part of the space in roomy pavilions at the Exhibition Center (this year the art project will be located there) will be occupied by exhibitions of young Ukrainian artists. For those who are not sure about their interpretation of depictions on canvases, there will be tours around the galleries. The novelty of the second season is the pavilion of uncensored art named Closed Cluster #10, the entrance to which will be restricted to children and reporters with cameras.

Alternative music lovers will also find something here. Almost every day original musicians and performers will play at the Secret Space in a greenhouse. Ukrainian celebrities will also attend certain events and meetings for their fans.

Besides intellectual food, Slava Frolovas Art Picnic will provide regular food. Organizers promise a lot of culinary master classes, street food festivals and restaurant days. Right next to them, for balance, you will find yoga, fitness and dance classes, roller skates and bicycles for rent, martial arts sessions, etc.

The project will be particularly useful for mothers, who do not know what to do with children in summer. For children there will be a separate kingdom with games, platforms, animators, trampolines and educational activities.

Throughout the summer the Art Picnic will host a lot of festivals and fairs: Feel Good Fest, TUT USE MARKET Handmade Fair, Holi festival, Sale in the City flea market, Jazz Koktebel Day, Vedalife Yoga Festival, etc. The visitors will have the chance to touch the cultures of Korea, Mexico, Italy, Cyprus, Spain, France, Georgia and Latin America during weeks dedicated to those countries.

The projects hottest trend is ecology. Organizers promise to collect batteries, make art objects of waste, inform people on ways to save the planet and show movies in a special ecofriendly film theater using power from bike traction.

In general, all entertainment in the art park will take place within 16 key areas: visual arts, film, music, theater, literature, golden age, ecology, sports, children, festivals, general education, handmade, cooking, good deeds, meetings with interesting people and international weeks. If there is something to your personal liking among the aforementioned, then you are welcome.

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