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01.08.2014 | By Ihor Rybalka

On Vinnytsya Day August 28 it is impossible to find a room in a hotel in the city due to the tourist inflow. It is also quite difficult to rent an apartment for a sensible price. Meanwhile, taxi services here are twice cheaper than in Kyiv


Condition of the city roads is close to ideal. Vinnytsya residents have a quite simple explanation for that the local asphalt concrete plant is controlled by the family of the former mayor, now Minister of Housing Utility Complex Volodymyr Groisman. Everybody in the city is convinced of that from a taxi driver to a janitor.

For the sake of fairness it should be noted that Groisman has long officially retired from this business and has repeatedly denied having a connection with the company. Be that as it may, the new asphalt is laid on Vinnytsya roads every season or two.

Another site of interest in Vinnytsya is the 1960 trams, which were gifted by Zurich. Moreover, the Swiss delivered 116 cars with spare parts within the period of five years (20072012) and trained the local personnel. The Swiss side spent almost CHF 4 mn for this purpose. Recycling of written off cars, however, would have cost them much more. By the way, the mayors office also put its old trams Tatra to good use five were sold to Zhytomyr at UAH 220,000 per each.


Vinnytsya authorities have always preferred to follow the trends, though sometimes to the prejudice of the population. For instance, the oblast was among the pilot regions, where ambiguous medical reform was tested.

Several years ago, the city optimized operation of its public transport. Several years ago, there were numerous minibuses swarming around the city and it was no problem to get to the city center from a remote district for UAH 2.5. Now, for the purposes of environment protection and reducing city traffic, the multitude of route taxis was cut. In addition to that, the mayor office approved a decision to use the municipal electric transport more. This resulted into an increase of the transfers en route, while the daily travelling budget of an average Vinnytsya resident nearly doubled. On the positive side, trams have been equipped with a free wifi access.

Last year, implementation of the Transparent City project began in the country. The essence of the project is creation of online services that would allow the citizens to participate in decisionmaking process and follow the processes in the city. It is difficult to speak about the real benefits of the project. Nonetheless, representatives from other regions of the country have already begun making visits to Vinnytsya in order to borrow the experience.

Most recently, a new system of collection of meter readings was introduced in Vinnytsya. Starting from July, every family must submit its meter readers to the single database through the internet or over the phone within the last three days of the month. It is assumed that this approach should help solve the problem of insoluble conflicts that arise in the process of charging payment for consumed services.

Finally, the project titled Summer Fitness for Women. Live, while Dancing started this summer. From now on, every Wednesday at 12:00 pm, everybody can attend free fitness classes on the quay for as long as the weather allows. It is similar to how it happens in the Chinese cities.

There is no doubt that all regional innovations of Petro Poroshenko will from now on be primarily tested here and not in the cities of Donbas.

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