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01.08.2014 | By Ihor Rybalka

Private houses occupy almost two-thirds of the whole area of Chernihiv. Therefore, recreational places are densely located in the central part of the city. And unlike the suburbs, there are fine roads and sidewalks


The citys environment is both literally and figuratively supreme. Firstly, in Chernihiv you can take a break from the unbearable metropolitan traffic. Due to the extremely small number of vehicles there are no traffic jams in Chernihiv.

Secondly, in the 1990s all major industrial enterprises went out of business. For example, the Khimvolokno Association was closed. The enterprise was founded in 1956 and produced synthetic fibers. It had approximately 10,000 employees, and its shop occupied the territory of 20 hectares. And today, the purity of the air in the city is only spoiled by the TPP on its outskirts.

Thirdly, in contrast to Kyiv, Chernihiv is not disfigured with numerous kiosks. Newsstands near the stops of public transport, several stationary shops in underground passages and a special shopping street leading to the central market perhaps those would be all possible sources of wastes and garbage in the city.

You may take a bus from Kyiv to Chernigov near the Lisova metro station. The trip in a minibus or a bus will take close to an hour and a half and it will cost approximately UAH 50.

A chain of lowcost, but quite progressive nightclubs in Chernihiv attracts metropolitan youth and students. The prices there are by 20 30% lower than in similar establishments in Kyiv face control is forgiving, and vacant seats are always available.

Many visitors do not stay here for the night or prefer to seek shelter in private apartments, but it is still possible to trace at least the approximate dynamics of visiting on the basis of symbolic tourist tax (1% of hotel rates). Thus, in 2012 the city budget received almost UAH102,000 from the tax, and in 2013 close to UAH 114,000.


Cherhiv is one of three most historic cities of Ukraine along with Kyiv and Lviv. Everyone knows about the famous Detynets (city wall) every selfrespecting tourist who visited Chernihiv took pictures on one of the 12 cannons, which according to legend were donated to the local Cossack regiment by Tsar Peter the Great. By the way, cannons are directed towards Kyiv.

Yet Chernihiv is not just the city victorious antiques. For example, from the height of the wall you can see the arched footbridge across the Desna one of the favorite places for youth riots, in the best sense of the word.

The whole bridge is painted with declarations of love, and the newlyweds come here to fix on the bridges railings padlocks symbolizing the strength of their marriages.

Concerts and parties often take place under the bridge. It is also popular among extreme sports lovers, who practice there bungee jumping (jumping off the bridge with a special rope) and trolley rides (highangle crossing with the help of 150 m cable).

Sometimes extreme is combined with weddings. Two years ago as part of the Romantic Festival a few newlywed couples jumped off the bridge with the ropes. Squealing bride, cries of courageous grooms and veils flying caught by the wind such unforgettable sight has become a part of urban folklore.


Vodka quality assurance test at the laboratory of the Chernihivstandartmetrolohiya SE costs UAH 560. For analysis customers will have to provide irrevocably three 0.5 l bottles of spirits.

Local authorities believe that 23 kinds of products manufactured by Chernihiv enterprises will be able to compete in the EU market. Among them, in particular, the concentrate of honey kvass.

One of the retail store networks in the city sold 40 tons of salt within two weeks in July. The increased demand for the product resulted from the customers pre-war concerns its price was raised by 50%.

32,000 land users in Chernihiv paid the local budget UAH 38.2 mn in the first half of 2014 in land fees. On average each of them paid UAH 1,193.75.

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