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31.07.2009 | Andriy Levin, PH: A. GUDZENKO

Mitsubishi Galant,
The authors of this article for went on a road trip to Poltava in a Mitsubishi Galant, which proved to be an interesting and totally ordinary car. The Galant is in the mainstream of todays cars it looks cool from the outside and is a comfortable ride on the inside. What else does a person need to escape the concrete jungle to Poltava hamlet. The Mitsubishi Galant ideally fits a persons image of a big car with a small price tag. Every aspect of the Galants external design is impressive. But, on the whole, it looks like a typical sedan.
This is reminiscent of a psychological experiment in which therapists offered a group of men to find the best looking parts of the bodies of different woman. After compiling the data received, experts got an the most ordinary and average woman. This is probably the same method that was applied in designing the Mitsubishi Galant.
There is nothing special about the car´s interior design. Although the attractive central console with an audio system by Rockford Acoustic Design is made of plastic, it still looks impressive. Japanese engineers are known for their ergonomic design of comfortable front seats with short backrests. The drawback is that only the drivers seat features the option of electronic seat adjustment. The passenger seats can only be adjusted manually. The back seats are also quite comfortable and offer enough space for passengers.
It took a while for our test driver to get comfortable in the driver´s seat. When you first get into the drivers seat you get the sense that the ceiling is caving in on you, but this sensation disappears after driving a few kilometers.
Although the wide bulkhead of the windshield blocks ones vision, a driver can also get accustomed to it after training the neck muscles on every left turn. What can you do? Thats the price you pay for 5-star safety the highest rating given by NHTSA Laboratories in the U.S.
The Galant cruises as calmly as it looks. The solid energy-intensive suspension quietly dampers most bumps on the road. The automatic transmission slowly and noiselessly shifts gears such that backseat passengers cannot even hear it. Sensing the speed of the car, the transmission shifts into lower gear and accelerates as the sound picks up.
If to take into account the delayed action effect, acceleration can be easily controlled. This model has the option of a manual transmission for fanatics of dynamic driving, though the owner of a Galant is not likely to use it that often.
When it comes to braking, it is not as smooth as acceleration. The Galant´s brake pedal is sensitive to light-step braking. In extreme situations when you have to slam on the brakes, the vehicles electronic system ABS kicks in earlier than the driver starts to brake. Such premature intervention of the electronic system may be inappropriate.
On a side note, the Galant is not designed for extreme driving, which entails sudden acceleration, braking and sharp turns. Mind you, the car can drive through hairpin turns fairly quickly, but neither the driver nor passenger will get much a thrill from such a joy ride. The Galant is a vehicle for those who prefer comfortable and moderate driving without extreme maneuvering.
Finally, the price tag of a Mitsubishi Galant is quite reasonable. The most expensive model of the Galant with a leather interior sells at local dealerships in Ukraine for UAH 192,500. This is quite a good deal for a vehicle of this class. In the current economic situation, when potential buyers look at the price tag first and then at the car itself, the Galant has good chances of continuing to conquer consumers hearts and, naturally, their wallets.

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