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07.11.2014 | By Leonid Uzvar

There is one biggest womens holiday in the former Soviet countries March 8. On this spring day, women can take a stretch and indulge themselves visit an expensive beauty salon, have a dinner at a posh restaurant and spend the night at the most popular club. There is no such a day for men (except for the now defunct Motherlands Defender Day) in Ukraine. The representatives of the stronger sex of KW editorial decided to fix this mistake


So, in the beginning of a long mens day you need to fix oneself up. It is true that sometimes men feel uncomfortable visiting the beauty salons. That is why recently salons and barbershops for men only started appearing in Ukraine.

A barbershop is a purely mens place, where men can get a haircut without much fuss. They appeared in the U.S. in the 1930s. Unfortunately, barbershops practically disappeared in the second half of the 20th century to give way to hairdressers, mostly suitable for women.

The clients in barbershops are mostly serviced by male barbers. They are not the sissy boys, as there are currently many of those among hairdressers, or women. These are composed guys, communicable to the extent that you need it: if you want to talk, you can talks, if you dont feel liking talking, they will keep quiet. In fact, the atmosphere of barbershops is very dignified and friendly. There are four mens only salons in Kyiv: Firm, ChopChop, Delacre Paris and Tommy Gun. All of them have one thing in common high by Ukrainian standards prices. A haircut will cost at least UAH 350, while trimming the beard will cost UAH 200 and manicure from UAH 250.

During you visit to such a salon you will be offered a cup of coffee, whiskey or beer. While waiting, you can flip through a mens magazine. The pleasant feature is that practically all employees of such salons speak English.


War is war, but lunch is on schedule, said Friedrich Wilhelm I. Women can choose a restaurant carefully, looking at whether the place is trendy, prestigious and whether the food is tasty and you are met with a smile. Men, as a rule, are less concerned about the place of the meeting, as for them with whom is more important than where. However, if a men are about to have a stag party, they need to be more careful about choosing the place.

There are purely mens restaurants in Kyiv. In such places, you want to tear a piece of meat with your teeth and knock the shot glass on the table. For instance, in the restaurant Okhota (Hunt) the focus in the menu and interior is made on hunting. The halls are designed in a hunting style: massive wooden overlapping, tapestry, dummies of animals, different weaponry, old trunks and creaking stairs leading to the second floor. There is a private room for a company, where you can light the fire place, order wild fowl and hang out with friends.

At Docker Pub, the focus is on beer party. Every day there are performances of rock bands, which dancing on the tables and on bar counter is welcomed.

In Senoval you can play a real mens game drunk checkers. Those who love wine can play chess with wine shots and start playing and drinking until the last one. The winner gets the prize fried chicken wings. By the way, the alcohol is free of charge for the game.


So the mens day is coming to an end, but the entertainment does not end. The next stop is a strip club. There is no need to explain what men should do in such places. Not everybody knows how to visit a strip club and not empty your pockets. Naturally, the level of expenses at such a place differs from the usual club, where you may get nothing more than music and a local DJ. If you approach this with consideration, you can still save some money, because at times you may find yourself parted with a rather substantial amount of money over one night. Furthermore, you already spent a pretty amount today.

The admission fee to all strip clubs of Kyiv is about the same: UAH 200300. If you want to pay less, go there during the weekdays. The places open at different time. The clubs, where the striptease is featured nonstop, the dancers come out on stage as soon as the first customer arrives. It is rather important not to be among the first customers, as those girls who are free at that moment will sit down at your table to talk and make you treat them to a drink. In order to avoid such situation, it is best to arrive at a strip club at around midnight. Make sure to reserve a table if you are not sure that there will be free places at that time.

If you decided to buy a drink for the dancer, the best thing is to ask her what she wants. Youll be lucky if she orders 100 g of Johnny Walker Blue (50 g cost around UAH 500). In order to avoid the great damage to your wallet, find out which drinks she likes and then order something on your own. Study the menu beforehand. The prices there range from UAH 200 per bottle of Ukrainian champagne to UAH 600 per 50g of Martell XO.

Remember that private dances differ. Sometimes girls enter a booth (it is considered that she will undress during 23 tracks) begins to talk with us thus reducing the time of the striptease. This looks like a banal fraud. If you are faced with such situation do not be afraid to politely ask her to postpone the talk for later.

In order to save some part of your budget here, you should study the crazy menu (the list of special services, such as private dance, dance at a table, dancing with a stripper, on the stage, etc.). If you look closer the services of the waitresses are much more expensive than those of the strippers. A private dance by a waitress costs UAH 1,500, while by a stripper only UAH 300.

Finally, another article of expenses is the money that is usually tucked into the dancers panties. It is considered that the banknote must be at least UAH 100. However, a UAH 50 note will do no harm to your reputation. Of course, you should not exchange money at the club. It is best not to pull out your wallet at all then.

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