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16.01.2015 | By Polina Svetlova

Based on observations of General Director of the Varto Communication Agency Natalya Kholod the increased demand for Ukrainian products appeared almost simultaneously with their supply. Consumers went through some type of moral crisis at one time many people believed that domestic products could be progressive. The public skepticism about the quality of Ukrainian products has declined quite noticeably, said the expert

During the first half of 2014 alone in retail trade the share of all consumer goods produced in Ukraine increased by 1.2% to 59.2%, according to the State Statistics Service (SSS). At the same in the structure of domestic production food products reached 86%, and in the nonfood group 40.2%.

Most economic patriots live in Cherkasy (71.5%), Kirovohrad (71.3%), Zhytomyr (70.8%), Sumy (70.3%) and IvanoFrankivsk oblast (69.9%). The lowest number of such consumers is in Kyiv (49%) and Kyiv oblast (55.5%), Kharkiv (58.8%), Odesa (53.8%), Vinnytsya (58.6%) and Donetsk (58.9%) oblasts.

By the way, according to Proxima Research market research analytical system PharmXplorer / Pharmstandard over ten months in 2014 substitution of foreign drugs with Ukrainian counterparts has increased by 4% in terms of packages (up to 76.1%).

The boycott of Russian products has already led to the situation when the share of Russian food products in supermarket dropped by 30 40%, according to the Ukrainian Association of Suppliers of Distribution Networks (UASDN). At the same time agricultural enterprises still have promising and underdeveloped distribution channels. Kyiv restaurateur Dmytro Borysov says his establishments were among the first in Ukraine to practice the slow food approach: maximum use of ingredients grown in our country in all kinds of dishes. We do not import our ingredients, except for some positions. And I understand foreign chefs who positively want to deal only with products originating in their own countries, he explains.

While Ukrainian food has firmly secured its positions on the shelves in our households (in main groups of products bread, milk, meat, cereals the rate reaches 93 97%), the nonfood products made in Ukraine are still trying to win hearts and wallets of Ukrainian consumers. Internet publications and TV channels are heavily involved with their promotion.

Curiously, the sales of domestic textiles and footwear increased by 0.2% up to 25.3% and 2.9%, respectively. Director of TextileContact Mykhailo Khanin says that against the background of the economic downturn and decline in purchasing power Ukrainians patriotism contributed to sales.

There are enough manufacturers in Ukraine producing products for household needs. Their main drawback lack of information and advertising available to customers, as well as difficulties with presence in retail chains. No wonder that lately Ukrainians discovered small shops and kiosks: today one can find there cheap household chemicals, shampoos or gloves of domestic production.

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