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05.12.2014 | By Olesya Tsvyrka

Kyiv is confidently leading by the number of crimes committed in the country. The capital of Ukraine, its largest and richest city, inevitably provides a wide field of activity for different kinds of law violators. Post-revolution chaos has aggravated the criminal situation in Kyiv


Over the nine months of this year the number of crimes committed on the territory of Kyiv amounted to 39,000, which is 14,000 fewer than in the same period last year, according to Chief of the Main Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Kyiv Police Major General Oleksandr Tereshchuk.

However, according to statistics of the Prosecutor Generals Office 62,424 crimes were registered in H1 2014 in Kyiv, which is also much less than over the reported period last year (90,252). This is not about the absolute figures, but about the trend and that Kyiv is the countrys leader by the number of robberies and thefts among all regions of Ukraine.

The crime rate in Kyiv significantly improved. The number of crimes decreased. In particular, the number of robberies, thefts and fraud is in decline. At the same time, however, the number of other crimes increased, said Police Maj. Gen. Tereshchuk.

This pretty picture, however, is spoiled by the following data. The same Tereshchuk said that in 2014 the number of violent crimes, homicide, assaults with weapons grew compared to last year as well as the number of extortions and car thefts. Since the beginning of 2014 in the capitals police received more than 360,000 claims of crimes, of which more than 84,000 are with signs of criminal offenses.

Since the start of 2014 the theft specialists have been pretty busy sweeping the apartments of Kyivans of jewelry, money, household appliances. Over seven months of the year 3,740 apartments were robbed in Kyiv against 2,695 in the same period last year. This is a quite significant difference. In one day in July alone the house thieves visited 25 Kyivans. This is quite logical: according to the NBU the Ukrainian withdraw UAH 101 bn from their bank accounts since the start of the year. This money is now kept at home and serves as bait for the thieves. It is not surprising that the Ukrainian criminals and visitors from the neighboring countries prefer apartment robberies. Bank and exchange point robberies, which have been quite popular in recent years, fall into the background, which is not surprising as there is almost nothing to take from banks. The thieves attack only cash transit vans and only when they know for sure there is something to gain there.


On Monday, November 10, 500 crimes were committed in Kyiv. Of them 150 have been solved, informed press secretary of Kyiv Prosecutors Office Alyona Yakhno.

Apartment swindlers, scammers and thieves of foreign cars have become very active in Kyiv. The number of car thefts increased by 1.5 times, while the people in the streets are robbed more frequently. Car owners began to panic, while law enforcers register threefive car thefts a day and explain that their number is on the rise, because the wellbeing of people has deteriorated. Capitals traffic police authority (State Automobile Inspection) confirms: indeed the number of car thefts increased. Since the start of the year 1,238 car thefts were registered in Kyiv, of them 958 on the territory of the capital and the rest in the regions, according to SAI. The car thefts grew by 158%. Last year, there were around 400, while now it is over a thousand. At that only 80 car were found. Mostly foreign cars get stolen. Often the drivers are also to blame: they forget to close the car, and leave valuables, which is bait for the thieves, says Deputy Chief of SAI of Kyiv Oleksandr Tkachenko. Among the most popular brands for car thieves are Toyota, Land Rover, Mitsubishi and BMW, he said. Also the number of schemes involving sale of cars at car markets has grown. If the price is set too low, this may be a stolen car from the eastern regions of Ukraine.

The statistics for street robberies is also quite discomforting: compared with last year (JanuaryAugust) their number increased by 12%. Mobile phones are stolen particularly often. We get 1015 reports per day, say the police. Theft of mobile phones is the main indicator of thefts, while the crime detection rate is very low.

There are also more fraudsters on the real estate market. The schemes that are applied are very different. We are working on gaining trust and authority for years and the schemers undermine that trust. They often present themselves as realtors and even specify the name of the company, complains real estate agent Oleksandr Shevelenko.

Of course, dachas remain the traditional attraction for thieves.


Tereshchuk could not name the most dangerous district of the capital, saying that forming such a statistics would require separating the data for different kinds of crimes.

For instance, in terms of thefts Dniprovskiy District is the leader, while the cars get stolen more in Darnytskiy District, he says.

In March Kyiv police published the statistics of crimes committed in the capital last year. The crime rates were lowers in Solomyanskiy and Pecherskiy districts. The highest number of law violations was registered in Shevchenkivskiy District 4,723. Thieves and fraudsters were named the criminal leaders there they committed 2,830 and 581 crimes respectively. Dniprovskiy District with 4,325 crimes placed second in the criminal rating. This district also accounted for the largest number of murders 14. Housebreakers set another sad record there 628 thefts over the year.

The reasons of dominance of street crimes in large cities are clear. It is a large number of visitors, whom it is very difficult to detain after they commit a crime, because they usually go back to their city or other regions immediately, says Colonel of Police Valeriy Koryakin.

At that Tereshchuk denies the connection between the arrival of a large number of forced migrants from the ATO zone in Kyiv and increase of the number of serious crimes in the capital. As a reminder, Kyiv City Council announced there were 25,000 migrants from Crimea, Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts.

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