Is there a coalition in the Rada?

18.02.2010 | Yuriy Tymchuk

After the Verkhovna Rada passed a law regulating its work, the Party of Regions appears to have found that a new coalition can be formed based on the personal signatures of the MPs who are members of its faction. The regulation allowed the Party of Regions to draw the conclusion that the coalition between the Bloc of Yulia Tymoshenko (BYT), Our Ukraine-Peoples Self-Defense and the Lytvyn Bloc no longer exists since 226 signatures were not collected when the coalition was formed. In the opinion of the Party of Regions, this means a new majority can be formed in parliament which will then elect a new government. Their opponents, however, are convinced that first, coalitions are formed exclusively on the basis of factions and no new coalition can be formed on the basis of individual MPs. Secondly, the law is not retroactive. presents arguments for and against the existence of the current coalition

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Andriy Shkil MP (BYT)

Is there is a coalition in parliament or not?

A. S. That is like debating the existence of God. If god does not exist, people do not believe in him. If the old coalition does not exist, form a new one. If they cant, that means the coalition exists!

Your colleagues from the Party of Regions believe that a coalition based on the BYT, OU-PSD and the Lytvyn Bloc no longer exists because signatures of OU-PSD members are missing in the coalition agreement as required by the new regulations. Do you agree with this?

A. S. And how do they know the signatures are not there? Many people in the Party of Regions have not studied the law, in contrast to Yanukovych, who studied the legal system of the Soviet Union in practice. The law is not retroactive. Even in Ukraine. Even if they passed a norm that we are no longer MPs, this would only happen when the law enters force and there will be a mechanism for taking away a mandate.

If we are talking about a coalition, then only the next coalition formed should strictly meet the requirements of this law passed in parliament.

First the president has to sign the law and then it must be published. If we pass a law banning the import of American cars, then do we confiscate all the American cars already in the country? Those in the Party of Regions believe all American cars will be confiscated. But common sense and the law do not think so.

Can the Party of Regions set up a new coalition?

A. S. I am not interested in that at all. So far, the Party of Regions can try to set up a coalition.

For now, the Party of Regions can take the road of setting up a coalition of MPs, and not of factions, as envisioned in the Constitution. They can pass a law in parliament that What was yours is now ours.

And they dont want anything more. But the Constitutional Court has unequivocally ruled that coalitions are formed by factions, not by friction, as certain members of the Party of Regions think.

And there is this variant one can go around Ukraine and beat people who disagree with the opinion of the Party of Regions with baseball bats.


Volodymyr Sivkovych MP (Party of Regions)

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Why does the Party of Regions believe the coalition ceased to exist when the law on regulating parliament was passed?

V. S. Because signatures of representatives of the old coalition are missing. The signatures of members of the Lytvyn Bloc are there, but those of 39 MPs of Our Ukraine are missing.

How does the Party of Regions plan to force the active parliamentary coalition to admit it does not exist?

V. S. Well form a new one.


V. S. After Yanukovych is declared president, we will begin negotiations to set up a new coalition. That is, the old one will fall apart on its own.


V. S. I think so. There will be announcements about exiting the coalition.

So, the new coalition will be set up after the Central Electoral Commission declares Viktor Yanukovych president?

V. S. I am not specifying the exact date. It will happen by the end of February, maybe even by the end of the week. I am not ready to make any predictions; that is a thankless task. There is no sense in rushing things. Everything must be done according to the law and by the rules.

And you wont offer any thoughts on who will join the new parliamentary coalition?

V. S. No. Why not? Lets see. Given the factions we have today, the Communists and Our Ukraine will not get along together. There are more votes only with Our Ukraine and the BYuT. Naturally, we will set up a coalition with them.

And what will be the consequences of that process?

V. S. There will be a new leadership in the country.

And no snap elections

V. S. Why do we need that now? In the spring we will see the consequences of economic attempts to address the situation, the bluffs and stretching of the budget at any cost. And floods will begin in the spring as well as a load of other problems. Today, the main issue is the economy; we can expect an election.

Is the Party of Regions looking at the possibility of leaving Yulia Tymoshenko in the post of premier?

V. S. That idea is not being considered today.

So, who could head the Cabinet? Azarov? Kolesnikov? Boiko? Levochkin? Sivkovych?

V. S. The situation is fairly complicated. At a minimum, you have to put tried and true people in place. One of the most experienced and one who can be tough and not look back or forwards or make plans to become president in the future, but could dedicate himself to his work is Azarov. Based on subjective, objective, professional and political considerations, I think it will be Azarov.

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