Maidan to remain sober

06.06.2014 |

Prohibition will be repeatedly introduced on the territory of Maidan, and costumed characters with whom passersby often take photos will be asked to leave the area, said one of the Maidans sotnyks Mykola Bondar. Speaking from the stage at the last Peoples Assembly he said that due to frequent complaints of drunken residents of the tent camp strict discipline will be introduced on its territory. In particular, alcoholic beverages will no longed be sold on the Maidan, and tents will be checked for drunk people every night and morning. For the first time the prohibition was introduced on the Maidan during the mass protests which started more than 6 months ago, but after the end of revolutionary events in the city and beginning of the crisis in eastern Ukraine residents of the camp actually stopped overseeing observation of such rule.

In addition, the speakers urged the government to report on 100 days of work in the office on the Maidan on June 8. Also they read the Manifesto signed a few days ago by the representatives of the Maidans public organizations.

Kyivs newlyelected mayor Vitali Klitschko also gave a speech. He assured people that the city administration will have Maidans representative office and Instytutska St. will be renamed into Nebesna Sotnya (Heavenly Hundred) St.

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