Every tenth Kyivan could not vote

06.06.2014 |

Approximately 10% of Kyivans could not vote on the election day because of long queues, says deputy head of the Committee of Voters of Ukraine Vitaliy Teslenko. The CVU reported that after 23:00 on May 25 voting process at the early presidential election and elections of local government was still going on at most of the polling stations in Kyiv. Long queues at the stations resulted from several factors. First of all, a lot of people decided to come, and secondly, the minimum composition of election commissions was cut to 9 people, moreover, on that the day some members of the commissions were either sick, or did not come, or were dismissed from their duties. Therefore, at station commissions consisted of fewer people than usual. And, of course, the large number of ballots in the capital (there were 4 of them) also affected the process. We know that some voters had to stand in lines for almost 5 hours, said Teslenko.

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