Summer respite

30.05.2014 | By Leonid Uzvar

Today, urban residents follow a new trend they move to the countryside for the summer. To get to work from there by car does not take no more time than to get to work from city apartments. And it is so nice to stay by the forest and water and breathe fresh. It is not difficult to find a summer house not far from Kyiv. It is hard to find a decent one at reasonable price. KW will tell you about the major pitfalls of suburban life


Now is the time to hurry up with the search for suburban housing, because the holiday season is already open. There are numerous proposals on the rental market, there are plenty options to choose from. But still, it will be quite a challenge. The most important thing is to believe in success of the search, and then you are sure to find a wonderful cozy country house, where you will be able to spend the summer.

So, first of all, decide on duration of rent. There can be some discounts for long lease. Next you need to figure out who will live with you in the country, and whether people will come to visit. This will determine exactly what you need to look for a house with two rooms or the whole cottage.

Once you have chosen the direction (the most popular suburban areas due to the proximity of water bodies and forests are considered the Vyshhorod, Obukhiv and Odessa directions), take a ride around settlements. It is best to bring along at least one of your friends aware of local particularities. Talk to some local residents who will be willing to share information about people leasing cottages and even house owners whom it will be better to avoid. Please note that many rural residents do not use the Internet and do not trust real estate agencies, so there will certainly be some tempting offers. You can also refer to the village administration, its workers are usually aware of everything happening on their territory. Do not forget to read the ads on a special board (usually located by the stops of public transport) or on fences by houses.

You can also go to real estate agencies. There they will help you find some nice options. However, you will have to pay for brokerage services from 15 to 50% of the cost of monthly rent.

In order not to look for a house randomly, you should scroll through Internet offers. Pay attention to the reviews and detailed information and photographs of houses and areas around them. Before making a final decision, visit the location and see for yourself that the house you saw in the pictures corresponds to reality. Check the condition of the house, household appliances, furniture, so that later the host does not complain later for some damages done 10 years ago. Do not forget to specify the terms of payment and the party to pay for utilities.

Then you can draw up a lease. This can be done at any private notary publics office in Kyiv. The notary will check legal documents for housing and help ensure that you rent the place from the owner and not some of his distant relatives. If you need to make an advance payment, do that after signing the lease. In Ukraine people usually pay for the first and the last month of rent. In this case, if you want to leave earlier, the money for the last month will not be refunded.

By the way, notify all friends that you are looking for accommodation for the summer. It is likely that they have relatives in the countryside who are eager to lease their houses with all amenities. Maybe your friends have a cottage house, which they do not use, preferring to leave on vacation to other places. In this case, you can live in the house for free, it will be enough to repair the fence and paint the summer kitchen.

Another option recreation centers. There are several dozens of them near Kyiv. Often, even in high season, there are empty houses, and the administration will easily allow you to live there even the whole summer. However, do not expect that you will find a mansion with all amenities. Houses in such centers are old and have no facilities. But the price will be pleasing from UAH 100/day.


Everyone wants comfort and the best possible conditions. Unfortunately, most inexpensive country houses have only summer showers and outdoor conveniences at the end of the land plot. As you can imagine, such conditions may be suitable only for those strong in spirit. The most inexpensive are the so-called Finnish houses lined with brick. Usually such houses were built more than 25 years ago. The furniture mostly consists of leftovers brought from city apartments during repair works. The price for such cottages is by 1.5 2 times lower than the cost of rent for apartments in the capital.

If you want to get good conditions, be prepared to pay the amount that would exceed the cost of rent for a city apartment. Among houses with amenities there are two main options cottage and rural development. Both options have their pros and cons. For example, in most cases villages have better power supply, but there will be a special attitude to tenants from the city. In cottage communities you will go for one of their own, but there can be problems with communications. The rental price for a house 10 15 minutes away from the city is often by 1.5 2 times higher than the cost of apartment rent in the city. You will have to pay even more for proximity of a forest or a pond within walking distance.

Approximate cost of rental for the summer near Kyiv (within the 30 km zone) houses with conveniences from US $500 to US $1,000 per month, simple houses with no conveniences can be rented only for UAH 1,000 per month, comfortable cottages are leased for US$2,000 10,000 a month.

What other challenges await for the city slicker in the country? Most often those are problems with electricity. While on weekdays transformers cope with the loads, but on weekends voltage drops in the network. This may damage appliances. However, this is solved with voltage stabilizers, which, unfortunately, are not cheap. The worst case scenario is when there is no electricity at all in such case houses also lose water supply, because pumps pumping water from wells are powered by the mains. For such cases it is better to have a generator, which costs approximately UAH 2,500 for a model able to feed a pump and a refrigerator. However, some suburban cooperatives are equipped with central water supply.

As you can see life in the country has its pros and cons. So before you rent a summer cottage try find out as much as possible about living conditions in the preferred area.

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