Water vs. heat

23.05.2014 | By Leonid Uzvar

Ukrainian capital is about to open the beach season. To be rated as suitable for recreational activities, beaches have to meet certain criteria. For example, they shall be disinfected, sand and bottom of the river shall be cleaned from foreign objects, lifeguards shall keep watch in places of swimming. However, some beaches may not become certified, if they have no source of drinking water and public toilets. KW guides you through the most popular and safe places


Hidropark. This Kyiv beach is in the first place for many reasons. First of all, it is each to reach by subway (Hidropark station, red line). Secondly, the area consists of many beaches to suit all tastes. Thirdly, there are amusements, cafes and a large area for walking. Developed infrastructure also includes lifeguards and a medical center, it is possible to rent beach chairs, umbrellas, buy food and drinks. The area is completely surrounded by water, it is perfect for sunbathing and swimming. However, the main disadvantage is the excessive number of vacationers.

To the left from the Venetian bridge you will find the Childrens Beach, which is considered to be one of the most equipped in Hidropark the sand and water there are the cleanest. It is equipped with WCs, changing rooms and has its own rental service, and close to the Childrens Beach you will find attractions for the young vacationers.

Not far from there (also to the left from the Venetian bridge) you may go to the Molodizhniy beach. There are beach chairs and canopies as well as entertainment facilities.

To the right from the Venetian bridge there is Venice beach. It is popular among young and active next to it there are many attractions and sports grounds, as well as many cafes and kiosks selling coffee and beer.

It will take you almost 20 minutes to get to the Zolotiy beach (to the right from the metro bridge, closer to the Paton bridge, to the left from the central alley). The sand on this beach is clean, there is a WC and locker rooms, but no sunbeds or cafes. The place is known for the most beautiful views on the Right Bank. You may enjoy the view of the Lavra and buildings above the Dnieper.

Trukhaniv Island. This beach is the second most popular among Kyivans, because it is located in the heart of the city. You can get here by foot from the Poshtova Ploshcha metro station crossing the Pedestrian Bridge. Sunbathing here you can see the wonderful panorama of Kyiv, namely, bridges and churches in the Podil district. It has all the necessary infrastructure from coffee shops to bicycle rent.

Pushcha-Vodytsya. You can get there by tram #12 from Kontraktova Sq. or by a minibus. Pushcha-Vodytsya is a huge recreation area, located not far from the city. It is known for its lakes and health spas. You can swim in pond #8 (the Horenka River) both water and the beach are very clean and there are even free beach couches and changing rooms. There are cafes and kiosks, boats and catamarans rental (approx. UAH 50 per hour). There is also a beach by the city pond (3rd and the 4th line in Pushcha-Vodytsya).

Chortoriy Beach. It is located in the Druzhby Narodiv park. It is more convenient to reach it by car, or you can get there by public transport, but it will be less comfortable: by bus or minibus, which cross the Moscovskiy bridge, and then you will have to walk. Water there is fairly clear. There are changing rooms and tents. However, there are no WCs, cafes or lounges. All bars are located only in the middle of the park. Moreover, there are virtually no trees, so do not forget take a parasol or some sunscreen.


Dovbychka. The most famous and popular place among nudist Kyivans. The beach is located in the south of the Trukhaniv island, which is quite close to the city center. It is easy to get here: from the Hidropark metro station go to the Venetian bridge, cross it and turn left, walk to the river and cross it by boat for UAH 10. The beach is covered with litter, even though local authorities have installed special bins. There is no WC and there are no cafes, so do not forget to bring food and drinks.

Obolon. The second most popular nudist beach is located in the Sobache Hyrlo creek in the Obolon district right next to the yacht club. It is more comfortable to get here by car. For those who do not own an SUV, it is possible to get there by foot. Take a trolley bus #24 (or minibus #224) at the Minska metro station and go to the last stop. Then go along paved road leading to the marina. Go around the fence on the left. Right there you will see the first nudists. The area is quieter and wilder than Dovbychka. Nudists deliberately renounced all socio-cultural facilities WCs, garbage cans and changing rooms. Unlike the wooded area in the Trukhaniv island, this beach is surrounded by steppe landscapes, so make sure to take something for shadow and plenty of sunscreen.

Ministerka Lake. This beach is mixed, so to speak. Here you may see both, fans of nudism and civilized people. The area also has no signs of urbanization WCs, changing rooms or cafes. You may get there by a bus going to Vyshhorod from the Heroyiv Dnipra metro station (just a few stops).


Olmeca. One of the most popular private beaches in Kyiv, located on the Dolobetskiy island in Hidropark across the Venetian bridge. It has a pool, two restaurants with popular Mediterranean and Japanese cuisine, a beach bar and 3 volleyball courts. There is an area for children. The place also has a guarded parking lot and even a marina for yachts and boats.

Trukhaniv. This complex is located on the same island, between the main Dnieper channel and the Matviyivskiy Creek, 2 km away from the Pedestrian Bridge. There are 2 swimming pools (including the pool for children), a bar, water slides and a private beach. There you may play badminton, table tennis, darts, beach volleyball and mini football. It is even possible to rent the place for corporate holidays.

City Beach Club. It is located on the roof of the Ocean Plaza shopping mall. It has two swimming pools, three bars and a huge stage. The club covers 3,000 sq m and has enough space for 1,200 people. This place is more suitable for glamorous crowd sipping cocktails by the water and listening to live music.

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