Top photo of the week October 5, 2012

08.10.12 | Weekly

Netherlands (Photo AP)

Martin Klizan of Slovakia won the final match at the St. Petersburg Open ATP tennis tournament, Russia (Photo AP)

A boy salutes during a campaign caravan of President Hugo Chavez, Venezuela (Photo AP)

People take part in morning exercises in Kyiv, Ukraine (Photo AP)

Alexander Snipes takes a sit down break from walking through piles of pumpkins, Pennsylvania, USA (Photo AP)

The young David at the Bavarian Central Agricultural Festival, Germany (Photo AP)

People look at a cargo ship which ran aground after a heavy storm near Valencia, Spain (Photo AP)

Feminist punk group Pussy Riot members sit in a glass cage at a court room in Moscow, Russia (Photo AP)

Unveiling of an old-time Kyiv tram during the World Tourism Day, Kyiv, Ukraine (Photo PHL)