TOP 10 graffiti in Kyiv which you should see

10.09.12 | By Kyrylo Shvedov Photo Natalya Ilyina, Yevhen Kotenko

Over the last few years a lot of murals (graffiti filling the whole space of walls) have been created in Kyiv. In fact, Kyiv had its own native graffiti long before spray paint was invented. For example, if you look carefully, you can find all sorts of medieval inscriptions on the walls of Saint Sophia Cathedral.

Today, business owners, municipal authorities and city residents see murals not only as vandalism, but also as high art capable of animating and brightening gloomy urban landscapes. Member of the Kyiv graffiti team Interesni Kazky, Volodymyr Waone Manzhos, said that there is a difference between graffiti intricate fonts and letters and street art full-featured paintings.