Smashing fashion week

26.03.12 | Ph: PHL, UNIAN, AP

Ukrainian designers chose elegant dresses, lace, original prints and muted colors for their autumn/winter collections. Light make-up, simple hairdos and no heavy jewelry, thin belts and elegant silhouettes these are the basic ideas of Ukrainian designers for autumn 2012/winter 2013. At the 30th Ukrainian Fashion Week, which ended March 18, Ukrainian designers showed the world that light, long dresses with thin belts or elegant attire ending below knees in the style of Marlene Dietrich will be in vogue next fall and winter. Many trendsetters of Ukrainian fashion promoted the sharp elegance of 1920´s Paris. Many collections also featured black and white compositions, as well as slim fit below-the-knee skirts. Men´s collections featured reserved colors and sharp silhouettes. Over five days, guests of Ukrainian Fashion Week saw several dozen collections put together by famous and young designers.