Top photo of the week March 15 21, 2012

19.03.12 | Weekly

Waiting for fellow undead to join the 2012 Zombie Walk during Purim in Tel Aviv (Ph: AP)

Lisa Polinori, left, walking her Boston terrier in Baltimore, USA (Ph: AP)

Women haul firewood in Amarah district, Baghdad (Ph: AP)

Indonesian men catch offerings thrown by Hindu worshippers during the Melasti ritual in Gunung Kidul, Indonesia (Ph: AP)

Ultra-Orthodox Jewish sisters Simcha, left, and Miri waiting for their mother to join them in celebrating Purim near Tel Aviv (Ph: AP)

Hindus taking part in Huranga during festival of colors at Baldev Temple in Dauji, India (Ph: AP)

Runners pace the Strongman Run in Thun, Switzerland (Ph: AP)

Young shepherd driving his herd in Islamabad, Pakistan (Ph: AP)

Temporary shopping center in earthquake and tsunami-devastated city of Kesennuma, northeastern Japan (Ph: AP)