Rallying against all odds

12.12.11 | Ph: AP, UNIAN

Ukraine has in recent months seen a wave of street protests, including by the former members of Chornobyl disaster rescue teams that rallied against the government´s decision to curtail their social benefits. The first protests were held on September 20 in Kyiv and by the middle of November the wave had reached Donetsk and Lviv. On November 15, protesters in Donetsk went on a hunger strike. On November 27, Hennadiy Konoplyov, a 70-year-old miner and disabled worker from Rodynskiy in the Donetsk oblast, was injured during the police clampdown on camp of protesters in Donetsk. He died on the way to the hospital. The last demonstration was held in Kyiv´s Mariyinskiy Park during which the protesters threatened to go on a dry hunger strike.