Top photo of the week October 21 27, 2011

24.10.11 | Weekly

Protesters smash shop windows in Rome during a demonstration (Ph: AP)

15th International Festival of Cossack Fighting and Traditional Arts Spas na Khortytsia 2011, Zaporizhzhia (Ph: UNIAN)

A protester with fake U.S. banknotes on his mask takes part in the Occupy Hong Kong rally (Ph: AP)

The Book Fair opened in Frankfurt, Germany (Ph: AP)

Myrhorod Pork Festival, Myrohorod (Ph: PHL)

Costa Rica´s Jose Rojas pulls the tail of a steer at the 15th annual world championship of Coleo, Colombia (Ph: AP)

British billionaire Sir Richard Branson drinks champagne after repelling down the side of the new Spaceport America hangar in Upham, N.M. (Ph: AP)

A man dressed as a zombie in the Zombiewalk Chile 2011: Return of the Dead Heroes march in Santiago, Chile (Ph: AP)

Students on the playground during their physical education class in Danville, Illinois. (Ph: AP)