Top photo of the week October 7 13, 2011

10.10.11 | Weekly

BASE jumper Carlos Schutte of Venezuela descends from the Kuala Lumpur Tower during the KL Tower International Jump in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Ph: AP)

A devotee of the Bang Neow Chinese Shrine has his cheeks pierced with knives during a street procession at the Vegetarian Festival in Phuket, southern Thailand (Ph: UNIAN)

A participant in the XIII Elevation of the Cross Market in a national Ukrainian costume and bread rings around her neck trying moonshine next to a still in Krolovtsi, Sumy oblast (Ph: UNIAN)

Kurt Wilson sits on his 893-pound pumpkin in Polson, Montana (Ph: AP)

Sir Ruben, Ruben Valdez, (left) receives the lance from Sir Geoff, Geoff McAlister, during the World Tournament of Champions full contact jousting held at the Northern California Renaissance Fair held at Casa De Fruta, California (Ph: AP)

Participants of the carnival procession on stilts at the Golden Lion on the Streets International Theater Festival, Lviv (Ph: AP)

A plain clothed Pakistani police officer beats a man with the help of his colleague during a protest rally to condemn the death sentence of Mumtaz Qadri, the confessed killer of a liberal Pakistani governor in Lahore, Pakistan (Ph: AP)

An Indian child licks wheat flour as her mother makes ´rotis´, the traditional flat bread of north India, on a pavement in Mumbai, India (Ph: AP)