Top photo of the week July 22 28, 2011

25.07.11 | Weekly

Feminist movement FEMEN in a protest action against problems with hot water in Kyiv homes, Kyiv (Ph: PHL)

Nuer people from Southern Sudan perform following rehearsals for independence celebrations (Ph: AP)

A calf jumps into the arena after the running of the bulls at a San Fermin fiesta, Spain (Ph: AP)

An entertainer does a balancing act as the pack waits to take the start of the 9th stage of the Tour de France (Ph: AP)

Children cool off in a water fountain at Battery Park, New York (Ph: AP)

French aircraft trail smoke in the colours of France´s flag at the start of the Bastille Day parade, Paris (Ph: AP)

The curious gather around Seward Johnson´s 26-foot-tall sculpture of Marilyn Monroe on Michigan Ave., Chicago (Ph: AP)

A Hungarian stuntmab on the VI International Biker Festival Music Bike Ukraine 2011, Uzhgorod (Ph: UNIAN)

An embassy worker beats newspaper photographer during a rally titled No pictures - no democracy outside the Embassy of Georgia in Ukraine, Kyiv (Ph: UNIAN)