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"Landscapes of my Motherland" is new exhibition in J. Greter Art-center

03.09.2014 |

"Landscapes of my Motherland" is new exhibition in J. Greter Art-center. Today Ukrainian authors accepted and appreciated worldwide. Having presented the first exhibition of the project "Alternative. Ukraine: Reality and Future" in MAUERMUSEUM Berlin, J. Greter Art-center continues to promote talented Ukrainian artists and Ukrainian theme as actual in conceptual, social, and collector´s context!

We invite you to become engrossed in the world of true harmony, which is reproduced in paintings of artist Natalia Korf. Natalia is a person, who feels incredible patriotism to her country, culture and traditions. Love and respect for her roots has a strong reflection in her paintings. Works made in mixed technique, are fascinating, and everyone can be carried away in colorful landscapes of Poltava, which are displayed in such an unusual manner. We see a sincere love for village. Paintings express the worship to nature, people and unhurried lifestyle. Painted fences, golden calves sides, birds, which are swimming in the surface of the lake there are simple things, which inspire the author.

Since 2002, Natalia Korf has been an active participant of more than 30 Ukrainian exhibitions, international exhibitions, a winner of various awards. Her works are represented in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art of Ukraine, as well as a museum of Ivan Nikolaichuk.

Paintings by Korf Natalia possess strong energy, which is carried by the nature itself. A citizen of metropolis can switch over to the eternal themes and slow a little the passage of time while watching these works.

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