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Prosecutor General´s office did not notice mass bribery of voters

31.10.2012 |

Most of the complaints of vote buying were not confirmed: only five criminal cases were filed based on the facts of appeals and complaints

According to the Prosecutor General´s Office, as of October 31 prosecutors considered 94 applications concerning obstruction of the electoral law, including bribing of voters.

´Out of these 94 appeals only 5 cases were confirmed on the inspection results. Initiated five criminal cases (Crimea, Chernivtsi oblast - one criminal case, and three - in Luhansk oblast, two of which were later combined into one case),´ said in a statement.

In this case, the Office argued that pre-trial investigation has been completed for three criminal cases (in Crimea and Luhansk oblast) and the cases with the indictment were sent to court for trial.

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