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Fraud in favor of Party if Regions found in Lviv Oblast

31.10.2012 |

Representatives of BYT found 20 protocols with falsified data in favor of the Party of Regions, which the OIC tried to send to the CEC. At the moment the OIC server from 121th constituency is sealed, all protocols are being reconciled

´As we expected, the rigging in favor of the ruling party, which suffered a crushing defeat in Lviv oblast, is taking place during the transmission of data from the county commission to the CEC, when the system administrator is allegedly wrong, and it adds votes in favor of the Party of Regions. On the territory of 121th constituency we have found 20 of such protocols,´ said the leader of Lviv BYT Roman Ilyk.

According to him, the same cases are recorded in other districts, which may be indicative of a systemic fraud. BYT reminds: the falsification of the election process is subject to criminal liability, and the guilty will be punished.

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