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People´s deputy for second days lies on ballots rescuing results of elections

31.10.2012 |

In election district 11 in Vinnytsya oblast the power tries to steal a victory at representatives of opposition. To prevent falsifications, people´s deputy Andreiy Pavlovskyi practically two days lies on boxes, preventing forgery and destruction of ballots

About it at the briefing declared the head of the central campaign headquarters of united opposition Batkivshchina Oleksandr Turchynov, informs UNIAN.

According to Turchynov, ´today occurs public, cynical delegitimization of results of elections´: in a number of oblasts the power tries to steal a victory from the representatives of opposition. In particular it occurs in district 11 in Vinnytsya oblast.

Also Turchynov underlined that the ´opposition never will recognizes results of elections in districts where the power acts in such cynical way´.

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