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Svoboda incited SSU to check protocols with wet seals

31.10.2012 |

Svoboda Union filed a complaint with the Office of the Security Service of Ukraine in Lviv oblast to check the conformity of the data on the website of the Central Election Commission with the data in the protocols with wet seals on the voting results in the electoral district

According to Svoboda Union, the CEC website overestimated results of the Party of Regions in the 122th precinct in Lviv oblast.

´As of 19:00 on October 30 Party of Regions, according to the CEC, got 559 more votes than in the protocols. And a few hours the pro-government party was credited with about a thousand votes, which voters gave for other parties´, stressed the Union.

An authorized representative of Svoboda in the CEC sent a telegram to SSU in Lviv oblast that the data of constituency 122 on the website of the Central Election Commission does not correspond to the results in the protocols.

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