Poland set to build pipelines

19.12.2014 |

Polish company Polenergia is considering the project of construction of gas pipelines in Poland and Germany for increase of gas supplies to Ukraine. The main point of the project is to create new centers for supply of gas on the PolishGerman border due toh which the gas transportation system of Poland will deliver billions cubic meters of gas from the west to Ukraine.

Implementation of the project also requires construction of a gas pipeline on Ukrainian territory. Naftogaz has expressed interest in investment. The project is estimated at EUR 400 460 mn. Within the framework of the project there are plans to build a pipeline that will connect the German gas network in the area of Berlin through the border with Poland with the PolishGerman network near Świnoujście. The second pipeline should be constructed on the PolishUkrainian border.

The expected capacity of the GermanPolish pipeline should be 5 bn cubic m, of the Ukrainian pipeline 8 bn cubic m expandable to 10 bn cubic m. Chief of Polenergia Zbigniew Prokopowicz says in case the decision on this project is taken in the coming weeks, there would be a chance to implement it in 2018 2019.

Our Ukrainian partner, Naftogaz, is interested in implementation of the EastWest corridor, and it wants the pipeline to be constructed on its side as soon as possible. We hope that this will be one of the priority projects for the new Ukrainian government. On the Polish side, we expect the decision from GazSystem, he said.

We have no final decision yet. We analyze whether there is a need for such gas connection in the context of priorities in the Polish energy policy in the field of security of supply, said Chief of GazSystem Jan Chadam.

He added that the company was focused on investments related to development of the NorthSouth corridor. More than 2,000 km of pipelines will be built within the framework of that project in 2014 2023.

These networks will fully integrate the Polish system into the European one. It is expected that by 2018 Poland will import 38 bn cubic meters of gas (the current rate is 16 bn cubic meters). The new pipelines will be used for gas supplies to Ukraine.

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