Kyiv, Donbas overload power systems

19.12.2014 |

In general, Ukraine has reduced electricity consumption by 2%, even despite cold weather. Nevertheless, the highest overrunning of the limits of consumption of electric power and capacity was seen in Luhansk oblast by 19.1% of power and by 32.8% of capacity; Donetsk oblast by 18.9% of power and by 44.2% of capacity; Kyiv by 14.3% of power and by 12.5% of capacity; Kyiv oblast by 13.7% of power and by 21.8% of capacity; Zaporizhzhya oblast by 12.4% of power and by 16.4% of capacity.

The failure to comply with the established limits of power consumption aggravates the situation which led to the imbalance between production and consumption of electricity and as a result to the need to introduce forced outages, Ukrenergo said.

Ukraine is experiencing an energy crisis special schedules of forced outages have been introduced across the country the TPPs lack coal. The deficit has arisen due to the fact that most of the fuel reserves are located in the Donbas in territories uncontrolled by Kyiv.

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