Refugees advised to work in markets and factories

19.12.2014 |

The Kyiv Mayors Office advises refugees from Crimea and the Donbas go to work in the markets or factories. There are most vacancies in retail. We have repeatedly urged applicants to take a closer look at, for example, Kyiv markets. There is plenty of vacancies. There is quite a high demand on bluecollar workers for example, painters, plasterers, electricians, turners, welders, tilers, builders, etc. People of such professions can find a job fairly quickly, said Director of the Department of Industry and Entrepreneurship at the KCSA Maksym Kuzmenko. It will be hard to find a job in Kyiv for those who want to work in their previous profession, he said. But Kyivans looking for a job face the same problems, believes Kuzmenko.

As a reminder, the number of internally displaced persons in Ukraine exceeds 500,000, of whom moved more than 40,000 people moved to Kyiv.

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