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05.12.2014 |

The Defense Ministry reports the growing number of people willing to serve and protect the country. Special short-term contracts have been introduced for them. Over the year more than 9,300 people enlisted for the military service and signed the contracts, said Deputy Chief of the Chief Staff Administration at the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Colonel Ihor Nikolayenko. He says now the AFU introduced short-term contracts in addition to the long-term contracts for 3 to 5 years. Since June of this year we have already enrolled more than 2,000 people under such contracts, he said.

In particular, 99 people signed contracts within the last day only. This has never happened before 99 people within one day, he said, adding that 54 of them were civilians, and 42 were conscripts. In addition, another 433 people are collecting documents for contract service. The short-term contracts will expire as soon as the president announces the end of the special period, which is still effective in connection with the military operations in the eastern oblasts.

Nikolayenko explained that introduction of short-term contracts was conditioned by the existing special period. In particular, such contracts are usually signed by patriots of Ukraine, who want to defend their country in difficult times, but after the end of hostilities would like to return to civilian life.

For duration of the short-term contracts servicemen will receive monthly salaries of UAH 2,400 6,200 depending on the rank (common soldiers, sergeants or sergeant majors). For the duration of the contract in the ATO zone their allowances will be doubled to UAH4,800 and UAH 12,400, respectively.

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