An Italian Baroque present to Ukrainians

28.10.2014 |

Interview with the Ambassador of Italy to Ukraine Fabrizio Romano

The first Italian baroque music festival in Ukraine
23 October 4 November 2014

Promoted by: the Embassy of Italy, the Italian Cultural Institute in Ukraine, the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine, the National Philharmonic of Ukraine

1. Mr. Ambassador, WHAT exactly is the Italia Festival Barocco?

To put it simply, it is a collection of some of the most exquisite repertories of Italian music composed between the Renaissance and the Baroque era. Promoted on the occasion of the Italian Presidency of the EU Council, the Festival includes a series of concerts, workshops and other events designed to stimulate the curiosity and the passion for good music in the broader public.

2. Sounds fascinating. WHY did the idea of a baroque music festival arise?

The goal was to spread the knowledge to a part of Italian culture which is less renowned than other fields which Baroque Italy is widely known for. Italian arts thrived during that age, making Italy the beacon of European post-medieval culture. However, little attention has been given to the yet excellent music that was composed in those years. Thus, the idea of unveiling a crucial part of our culture in an original manner.

3. WHO are the composers we will discover?

First of all I would like to recall C. Monteverdi, perhaps one of the most iconic figures of the time. He started opera as a self-standing genre, marking the transition from the Renaissance to the Baroque era and ushering a new age of cultural creativity which still represents a landmark of Italy.

4. WHERE will the Festival be hosted?

The Festival was inaugurated on October 23rd at the National Philharmonic, which will also be the venue for other concerts and events, alongside the Kiev Universities, the Tchaikovsky Music Academy, St. Andrews Church, the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. It will last until November 4th.

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