J.Greter Art-center presents new project Phoenix. Revival

14.04.2014 |

Phoenix. Revival
Maria Kryvopyshyna/ Uliana Nesheva/ Petra Rubar/Natali Nasybunova
Opening night 17.04.2014 at 19:00

J.Greter Art-center presents new project Phoenix. Revival that reveals the matter of rebirth and restoration. The artists render the ambiguous idea of the Death for the sake of Life. The exhibition is aimed at showing the transition from the past to the present and then to such an ephemeral future.

The following exhibition is of current interest in terms of sociocultural development and the society in general, for it demonstrates the contrast of inner and outer states of mind.

J.Greter Art-center included into the exhibition Maria Kryvopyshynas, Uliana Neshevas, Petra Rubars and Natali Nasybunova paintings, as well as the sculptures of Dmytro Iv, whose works one can find in Patricia Kaass and Monica Beluccis private collections, and modern sculptures of extraordinary Alexander Smirnov.

Maria Kryvopyshyna is a qualified psychologist, but at present she develops herself as a successful young conceptual artist. Maria is a prize winner of many international contests, art projects and an active participant of different European art-festivals. Her canvases can be found in the collections in England, Russia, Poland, Scotland, Ukraine and Sweden. At this display we will see the womens bodies that appear from the milk lands and symbolize the birth, purity and free soul.

Ulyana Neshevas works can be called, on the one hand, startling, but on the other hand photorealistic, frightening and extremely stylish. But what we are interested in is your opinion towards them. The artists paintings bring the spectator closer to the understanding of the woman, as well as to perceiving of our own self.

In Petra Rubars paintings the decay and revival are combined, the women body erotic silhouettes lure and then you find out how impossible it is to tear your eyes away from so lithe and natural lines that seem to be depicted by imagination. The artist represented in her canvases the true women that appeared to be as clear as the Phoenix tear, and another side of the revival, representing a woman as an origin.

The artists main message lies in the inner revival of everyone during the different periods of life. They worry about the current situation in our country that marks the shift to the other stage of life; some of the canvases they dedicated to New Ukraine.

The opening night will be remarkable for every visitor due to the fascinating violin and viola music and sensual performance that will help to see the other side of the paintings.

The exhibition is scheduled to run from18.04.2014 till 08.06.2014

Address: Shuliavska metro station,

6 Vadyma Getmana Str,

Shopping mall Bilshovyk, A block, 3-7 floor.

T.: +38 050 42 42888


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