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Noble Group eyeing agro production in Ukraine

23.07.2010 |

One of the world´s largest traders, Noble Group is eyeing the opportunity of crops in Ukraine, director of grain business Noble Group Diego Barbero told the Delo newspaper. He said that this production has sense only if there is a land bank of 50,000-100,000 hectares. He said Noble Group intends to be engaged in growing wheat, barley, sunflower, corn, soy and rape. He said the company intends to export about 1 mn tons of crops and 350,000 tons of raw oil this season.

The company owns one grain elevator with capacity of 70,000 tons in Ukraine. Barbero forecast that Ukraine will eventually become a major producer of rape and soy. Noble Resources Ukraine is a subsidiary of Noble Group Limited, which is a large company engaged in management of the system of supplies of farm products and other raw materials. The stock of Noble Group Limited are quoted at the Singapore Stock Exchange.

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