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Sekond mulls building electric smelter in Mariupol

16.07.2010 |

Sekond LTD, a joint venture based in Mariupol (Donetsk region), is interested in building an electric steel smelting plant in Mariupol.

A spokesman for the city hall said the project for construction of the electric steel smelting plant was approved at public hearings held on July 5. Sekond LTD is the investor in the project.

The spokesman declined to comment on the size of the investments and the plants planned capacity. The project is in the stage of consideration by the municipal council and allocation of land. Municipal construction companies are planned to be involved in construction of the plant. Sekond LTD engages in production of electrically welded pipes and steel strips. The main suppliers of raw materials to the company are the Mariupol-based Illich integrated iron and steel works and the Zaporizhstal integrated iron and steel works.

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