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Airport reconstruction may cost Lviv UAH 3 bn

08.07.2010 |

Lviv estimates possible losses at UAH 3 bn in case Lviv airport is shut down for reconstruction. Hotels, restaurants and travel agencies show deep concern about the events involving the airport´s reconstruction. They have addressed the government with the request not to close the airport, a statement issued by the city council reads. Local international airport, National Aircraft Repair Plant and the Lviv Airlines, all owned by the state, may suffer UAH 640 mn losses over twelve months. The city may incur UAH 1,080 mn losses due to termination of the international flights (foreign tourism). The losses suffered from termination of chartered flights may run into UAH 520 mn, domestic flights - UAH 720 mn. Also, the airport´s closure may lead to a number of social problems: job cuts, reduction in wages, and dwindling allocations to local budgets and social funds, outflow of investments. Earlier the authorities planned to leave the Lviv airport running during the reconstruction.

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