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Tobacco ads further restrict

03.10.2011 |

The advertising of tobacco products on television, radio, in the press and on billboards has already been banned by the Ukrainian government, but now manufacturers and distributors of cigarettes will be prohibited from sponsoring major entertainment events or holding public advertising campaigns. This leaves video monitors and small posters as the only advertising vehicles for tobacco merchants.


The final text of the law has yet to be published, said Volodymyr Demchak, President of the Ukrainian Trade & Industry Confederation, because a number of amendments were made during the final voting of the law, leaving many contradictions that must be interpreted by lawyers. However, I can say that this latest restriction on tobacco product advertising will in no way impact cigarette sales or their prices [as] it was factored in a long ago that even with a total ban on cigarette advertising, only 6% of smokers would kick the habit. What can definitely be expected is a redistribution of the market in favor of vendors of contraband and substandard products.

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