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Kyiv Weekly becomes Ukraines first eco-friendly newspaper

29.03.2011 |

The Kyiv Weekly English-language newspaper has switched to using recycled paper, the press service of Evolution Media Holding reported.

The newspaper has thus initiated in Ukraine a campaign in the sphere of periodical press with the objective of ensuring the rational use of the worlds natural resources and reduction of the global level of environmental pollution.

We are calling on all publishers of printed mass media in Ukraine to follow our example and switch to printing their publications on recycled paper. We appeal to the readers of newspapers and magazines to not throw them away after reading, but instead taking to waste paper collection points to save the forests the green lungs of the planet from tree felling, says Yulia Litvinova, General Director of Evolution Media.

The Kyiv Weekly newspaper has been published in Kyiv since 2001. A print run of 25,000 is distributed throughout Ukraine and abroad. Starting from Issue No. 10 (420) of March 11, 2011, the newspaper has been printed on recycled paper and with a green logo Printed on recycled paper.

Evolution Media Holding is a publisher of the weekly publications Komentari:, Weekly.UA and Kyiv Weekly, Internet portals and and also the photo news agency PHL.

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